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Happy Mothers Day 2016 !

Mothers Gay Herz:Met.
I WAIT U… Mothers Day 2016                                                                                                                    

I which all mothers a happy and nice Mothers Day 2016, enjoy your special day with your family!

Find all my other Mothers Day cards as free download as a gift from me to all mothers, download them for your mother she will love it.

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Best wishes to all mothers, yours


Weekend Give-away feedback

Hello to all my readers of my blog. On Friday I put three free postcards for you on the site „downloads“ as weekend give-away. Now that some days are over I want to know if you liked them?!

Which one did you like most?

Did you send some to your friends to invite them?

Have they been delighted, surprised to get it from you?

I am looking forward to  get your response and feedback.

Bye for now yours